Financial information | Ooredoo corporate

Financial information

  • Facts & figures

    An overview look at Ooredoo's facts & figures
  • Investor presentations

    Analyst presentations for the quarter alongside press releases, transcripts and breakdown/supplemental data.
  • Annual key figures

    Consolidated income statment, financial position, cash flows, key indicators, customers, and segment information.
  • Annual reports

    Find out more about Ooredoo's financial and strategic direction by downloading this detailed report.
  • Financial statements

    Consolidated quarterly financial statements for the company including an independent auditors' report
  • Interactive quarterly key figures

    Review and analyze Ooredoo's key figures
  • Capital markets day

    All the materials and information from our annual Capital Markets day.
  • Dividends

    A guide to dividends for registered shareholders with answers to frequently asked questions
  • Debt management and creditor presentation

    Creditor Information, Maturity Profile, Funding Strategy & Funding Structure.
  • Risk management and internal control

    System for overseeing, managing, and controlling internal risks to protect the Company's investments and operations inside and outside Qatar

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