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Strategic partners

Ooredoo teams with like-minded companies in the technology and telecom sectors to promote inclusive access to digital services and resources, as well as develop innovative solutions to improve our customers’ quality of experience.

  • Google Play

  • Smaato

  • Rocket Internet

  • Ericsson

  • Apple App Store


  • beIN

  • Netflix

  • Mastercard

  • OSN

Investment companies

Across our footprint, we are passionate about powering innovation and supporting entrepreneurs in all stages of growth and development.  Our investment companies accelerate new business developments and uncover investment opportunities.

  • Asia Pacific Internet Group (APACIG)

    One of Asia's fastest growing internet platforms. As more and more people buy goods and services through their mobile phones, APACIG is a partnership between Ooredoo and Rocket Internet, Germany's biggest internet incubator, focused on developing and funding eCommerce businesses in 15 Asia Pacific markets, including Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Australia.

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  • SB ISAT Fund

    Operated by Indosat Ooredoo in partnership with Softbank, the fund helps startups progress through growth stage to mature stage development.

  • IntilaQ

    Established in 2014, it is Tunisia’s first-ever Innovation and Business Hub. Offered in partnership with the Qatar Friendship Fund and Microsoft the fund has since transformed the local ICT ecosystem and continues to inspire young people to become entrepreneurs.

  • Asia Mobile Holdings ("AMH")

    Ooredoo owns a 25 percent stake in AMH, a mobile investment company formed in 2007. The remaining 75 percent stake is owned by Singapore Technologies Telemedia ("ST Telemedia"). Together ST Telemedia and Ooredoo are committed to exploring and investing in new opportunities as well as strengthening existing businesses in the Asia Pacific region. AMH is incorporated in Singapore.

    At the end of 2014 the AMH portfolio held investments in the following companies:

  • StarHub. Ltd

    AMH has a 56.0 percent stake in StarHub Ltd ("StarHub") which equates to an Ooredoo effective stake of 14.0 percent. Launched in 2000 StarHub is afully integrated communication company offering a full range of information, communications and entertainment services for both consumers and corporate markets.

  • Shenington Investments Pte.Ltd

    AMH has a 49 percent stake in Shenington Investments Pte.Ltd ("Shenington"). Shenington has a 49 percent shareholding in Lao Telecommunication Company Limited ("LTC"), which equates to an Ooredoo effective stake of 6.0 percent. LTC is the largest telecoms operator in Laos.