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Our people

Working at Ooredoo. See what Ooredoo employees across our global footprint think of the Ooredoo business and the opportunities available to them.

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    Oussama Chelbi

    Manager - Services, Network Sourcing

    I joined Ooredoo in 2010. My professional and personal development have since been enriched on many levels. Through taking part in challenging projects, I was able to widen my skill-set across multiple domains. I have also been very lucky to have the chance to work with highly talented people from around the world.

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    Hanady Mohamed El Sherif

    Assistant Director, Performance & Organization Capability

    I joined Ooredoo Group in 2006 and since, I’m living the best time of my career. As a member of Ooredoo family, I am a professional beyond boundaries – enjoying exposure to different cultures and working environments.  Ooredoo is a place where employees are greatly empowered and enabled to grow through working on different projects and assignments. Our working environment is dynamic, challenging yet engaging at all times where employees are living OG values of Caring, Connecting and Challenging!

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    Mohammed Al Saffar

    Senior Manager, Business Performance & Management

    “I joined Ooredoo Group in 2012 and have since enjoyed a new learning experience every day. At Ooredoo, I have gained a lot of knowledge and developed many skills working in a multi-cultural environment that allowed me to establish great professional relationships throughout the years.”

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    Dr. Robert Joyce

    Senior Director, Radio Access Technology

    “Ooredoo is a futuristic company, championing innovation and cutting-edge technology. Since joining the company in 2013, I’ve been working on evolving Ooredoo’s networks towards 5G. My team gets to play with the latest technology, which allows me to help steer Ooredoo 's OpCos and our suppliers along the right path to be one of the first in the world to launch 5G services."

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    Imran Naziri

    Assistant Director, Organization Development

    “My past four years have been an amazing journey in Ooredoo Group. From projects, to working with new people of different cultures, gaining exposure to different markets, Ooredoo has given me a new dimension to my career. In Ooredoo Group, I was given a freehand to prove my abilities, approach my superiors with new ideas/proposals, and gain as much knowledge as possible within the context of my work.”

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    Catherine Bouchard

    Director - Corporate Strategy

    “Since coming to Ooredoo Group in January 2014, I’ve had the ability to influence our leadership and make an impact. Upon joining the organization, I was highly impressed with the quality of its management, its flat hierarchical structure, its open door policy, and its challenging, professional and collaborative work environment. Ooredoo’s focus on investing in their employees allows team members to make valuable contributions to the Group every day and provides plenty of opportunities to grow and expand, keeping the team motivated to give their best to the organization.”  

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    Defiandry Taslim

    Assistant Director, Finance & Taxation, Financial Control

    “As a professional, I constantly look for challenges and opportunities to grow my potential to the fullest, while simultaneously providing the maximum contribution to the shareholders’ operational and strategic goals. Ooredoo Group has provided me with both the opportunity to explore and raise my own potential and to be part of the Company’s exciting initiative, strategic decisions and dynamic growth globally.”