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Finding sustainable solutions to reduce our ecological footprint

At Ooredoo, we are committed to the highest standards of environmental protection. As an industry leader, we are working to the best of our ability to reduce our ecological footprint. Ooredoo digital products assist customers in reducing their impact on the environment. We promise a legacy to deliver on our customers’s aspirations – but a sustainable legacy too.

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Social responsibility

We're committed to leveraging our expertise in mobile technology to bring about positive social and economic change. Across our international footprint, we are working to become digital enablers, helping people to reach their potential and making a real difference in the communities we serve.

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Our commitment to working with ethical suppliers: Sourcing materials and products in a fair and considerate way

More on our ethical suppliers' guidelines

Our Support for a Speak-up Policy (whistleblowing): Encouraging openness to prevent problems 

Ooredoo wants to work with staff and customers to ensure the highest ethical standards. This requires a fair and proper process for identifying and resolving any potential wrongdoing.

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Our assistance helping you to understand where you stand with us: Always looking for better ways to enhance our customer experience.

We have developed seven commitments that allow you to understand what you can and should expect from our products, services and our people.

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Our support for your privacy: Protecting your personal data

Modern information and communication technologies play a fundamental role in our activities. Ooredoo is committed to protecting your personal data in accordance with all applicable laws.

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Our compliance with international standards: Ensuring quality customer experience by winning repeated ISO certification.  

Ooredoo works hard to ensure its products and services meet ISO (International Organization for Standardization) criteria and we are therefore recognised globally for our efforts.

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