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Frequently asked questions

We know you’ll have your own unique questions to ask before joining Ooredoo. Take a look through some of the general questions people have. If you can’t find what you’re looking for then please get in touch!

Using the Ooredoo Careers Website

  • Q. Do you have inside tips to what you are looking for?

    We look for people who have drive and are enthusiastic about enriching the world we live in. We want you to be honest, open and give us all the information we need to know to view you as a serious candidate for the role you’re applying for. At Ooredoo, we want to enrich people’s lives. We’re looking for people who think that too.

  • Q. I’d like to work at Ooredoo but you don’t have a vacancy for me right now. Can I set up alerts for new posts?

    Yes, you can set up an account here and when a position becomes available that suits your skill set or requirements, we’ll get in touch.

  • Q. How do I submit my CV?

    You can share your CV on our careers page when you apply for a vacancy. If our current vacancies aren’t for you, simply create an account here and we’ll be in touch when we have an opening that suits your skill set and requirements. We ask our applicants to apply with their CVs to available positions on the careers site.

  • Q. How can I keep up to date on possible career opportunities at Ooredoo?

    You’ll find the latest vacancies here, and on our Twitter account (@ooredoocareers). Or, if you prefer, simply create an account with us and we’ll get in touch when a vacancy comes up that matches your interest. 

  • Q. How to find a job vacancy at Ooredoo?

    Simply visit the Ooredoo careers page which lists all our current openings across the group. All available roles at Ooredoo Group and within our markets can be found here. All roles can be filtered by field, contract type, location and/or other keywords.

Being Part at Ooredoo

  • Q. I would like to apply but I’m currently a student. Are there opportunities for students?

    Of course. We encourage bright, young students to join our team and bring new life to our business. You can apply for internships or placement opportunities here.

  • Q. Will I have to prepare a presentation as part of the application process?

    In some cases, yes. For some roles, we also run an assessment centre. We’ll be sure to keep you informed so there are no surprises.

  • Q. I’m interested in learning more, are there training opportunities available at Ooredoo?

    At Ooredoo we’re dedicated to recruiting and retaining talent. We offer opportunities to grow and develop your expertise through formal training and on-the-job experience. 

  • Q. Is my information kept confidential?

    Absolutely. We do our utmost to keep you information confidential and secure.

  • Q. How can I find out more information about employee benefits at Ooredoo?

    We offer a wide range of employee benefits to ensure our hardworking team is taken care of. The benefits vary between each role and grade - examples include annual bonuses, long term incentive plans, vacation allowances, schooling assistance and interest free car loans. We’ll share more with you during the recruitment process. 

  • Q. How is my application progressing? When will I hear from you?

    Our recruitment team will be in touch as soon as all applications have been reviewed. Ideally within two weeks. If you’re really eager to know more then please feel free to get in touch here. 

  • Q. I want to complete my application but it doesn’t seem to be working?

    Our apologies! Sometimes we experience technical difficulties with our online application process – please try again later, or get in touch here.

  • Q. How do I unsubscribe from email alerts or cancel my application for Ooredoo?

    We’d like you to stay connected, but if you would like to cancel the alerts, simply log into your account, click on the ‘job agents’ link and then click ‘delete’ next to the alert you’d like to remove. If you need to cancel an application, simply log onto your account, select the application and click ‘cancel’.

  • Q. I’m interested in working at Ooredoo. What vacancies do you have?

    You can view our vacancies here.

  • Q. Are there opportunities to work in different countries?

    Yes. We’re a global company. Click here to see our vacancies in all our markets.

  • Q. I’m interested in learning more. Are there training opportunities available at Ooredoo?

    At Ooredoo we’re dedicated to recruiting and retaining talent. We offer opportunities to grow and develop your expertise through formal training and on-the-job experience.

  • Q. How can I find out more about Ooredoo?

    Check out our website or any of our active social media channels (@ooredoo, [facebook], [linkedin], [youtube] etc.). If you need more information, or have specific questions, drop us a line on any of our social media channels and we’ll get back to you.

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