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The 5G experience is here

Get ready for the Ooredoo 5G revolution

Finally, it’s here. Customers will soon experience 5G network speeds for the very first time, as Ooredoo rolls out superfast mobile streaming worldwide. 5G is the future of wireless technology.
It’s about 100 times faster than 4G. It offers ultra-low latency, which will dramatically improve wireless video, video games, and VR. 5G internet has a greater capacity to meet the growing demand for digital content and services over mobile networks like Ooredoo mobile broadband.

Ooredoo made history when it became the first operator in the world to launch a live 5G network in May 2018. Ooredoo Qatar offers customers a choice of Ooredoo Qatar mobile internet plans at 5G speeds.
Ooredoo has been gearing up to test this new generation of 5G wireless technology since 2014. And, over the next few months, it plans to reach more world-first milestones by testing 5G mobile and networks through user trials and commercial launches across Ooredoo Opcos around the world.

The 5G Speed Experience is here

Get ready for the Ooredoo 5G revolution!

5G technology is focused on a smarter future. It is designed around the smartphones of tomorrow to include a latency below 5 ms, mobility of up to 500 km/h, and three times more spectrum efficiency.

5G average user data rates will be:
greater than 100 Mbps,
100 times more power-efficient,
Will have a 20 Gbits/s peak data rate,
and will offer a connection density of millions of devices/m².

5G Network bubble


Named 1 of the top 50 worldwide telecom brands

1st MEA operator to demonstrate 5G

1.2 Gbps: speed of Ooredoo Qatar 4G+

2014 started 5G
tech research

5G network development

Network history


Launch of mobile networks & analogue voice



Digital Voice
40 Kbps peak speed



Mobile internet
42 Mbps peak speed



Mobile data
1.2 Gbps peak speed



200X faster than 4G
20 Gbps peak speed

The launch of the first 5G Network

Ooredoo is the first in the world to launch a 5G network – and it is set to lead a global change as it rapidly rolls out 5G services in all its markets worldwide.

To date, Ooredoo has set up more than 70 live 5G sites in Qatar, and it has started to deploy 5G networks in Kuwait and Oman. Watch this space for the launch of the fastest 5G networks in a country near you ….