About Ooredoo

  • Q. What does Ooredoo do?

    Ooredoo delivers mobile, fixed, broadband internet and corporate managed services tailored to the needs of consumers and businesses across markets in the Middle East, North Africa and South-East Asia.  As a community-focused company, Ooredoo is guided by its vision of enriching people’s lives and its belief that it can stimulate human growth by leveraging communications to help people achieve their full potential.  


  • Q. In which markets does Ooredoo operate?

    Ooredoo has operations in Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Algeria, Tunisia, Iraq, Palestine, the Maldives, Indonesia and Mynamar.


  • Q. How long has the company existed?

    Ooredoo was established  as a company in 1987.


  • Q. How can I find more details about Ooredoo and its Opcos?

    Please visit the annual report on the following link.

  • Q. What are the revenue growth indicators?

    There are a number of revenue growth indicators with the key indicators being:

    • Customers
    • Average Revenue per User (ARPU)
    • Data revenue as a percentage of group revenue (revenue)
  • Q. How many customers does Ooredoo have globally?

    111 million customers (as of Q1 2015)


  • Q. Which accounting principles does the Ooredoo group use?

    Ooredoo Group reports in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). 

  • Q. What are the Groups key performance figures?

    The Group’s key figures are the following which are highlighted in its quarterly Earnings release:

    • Revenue
    • Data revenue
    • EBITDA
    • EBITDA margin
    • Net profit to Ooredoo shareholders
    • Capex
    • Customers
  • Q. What is Ooredoo’s fiscal year?

    Ooredoo’s fiscal year ends with the calendar year, December 31. Our quarters end on March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31.

    Please check our IR calendar by following this link.  Quarterly results are typically reported within 60 days of a quarter end.


  • Q. Who are Ooredoo’s independent auditors?


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  • Q. How can I get the latest news from Ooredoo?

    You can check this website for the latest news or you can follow us on twitter: @OoredooIR

  • Q. Where do you publish the reporting dates?

    Please check our IR calendar by following this link.


  • Q. Where can I get information on analysts’ views on Ooredoo?

    Please see the following link.

  • Q. How can we keep in contact with the IR team?

    The Ooredoo IR team is contactable by email ([email protected])


  • Q. Are private investors able to invest in Ooredoo bonds?

    Qatar based investors can check with QNB or their bankers and investors based outside of Qatar should speak with their brokers or financial advisers.

  • Q. What is Ooredoo's rating and rating target?

    Ooredoo’s current long term rating by Fitch is A+ ; by Moody’s is A2; and by S & P is A-

  • Q. Can bonds be directly purchased from Ooredoo?

    No, bonds cannot be purchased directly from Ooredoo. Ooredoo bonds can be bought or sold through a  bank or financial broker authorized to deal and advise in fixed income investments.

  • Q. What is the minimum amount needed to buy Ooredoo bonds?

    The minimum is USD 200,000 and thereafter in multiples of  USD 1,000.

Key Topics Investors & Analysts

  • Q. What is Ooredoo’s outlook on Iraq?

    We continue to monitor the situation very closely and we have a wide range of contingency plans to ensure the continued delivery of our service to our customers and the safety of our employees.

  • Q. What is the Current Myanmar Status?

    Following the award of a licence to operate in Myanmar in June 2013, Ooredoo Myanmar launched its services in August 2014.  Ooredoo Myanmar has invested in the roll-out of a pure, next generation UMTS900 network which offers some of the most advanced 3G technology in the world.  Ooredoo announced the milestone of 1 million customers on 23 August 2014, less than three weeks after launching its network.


  • Q. What is the outlook for the company?

    Ooredoo is re-shaping itself to become an increasingly data centric business addressing the ever growing communication needs of consumers and businesses.  The growth potential of its data strategy offers significant shareholder value over the long term.  The business is well capitalized and continues to deliver strong levels of revenue and EBITDA.  Ooredoo faces increasing levels of competition in a number of its key markets and is continuing to invest in the upgrade of its broadband networks to ensure continued high levels of customer service and the ability to deliver next generation communication services. For these reasons Ooredoo expects consolidated revenue for the full year 2015 to be flat to 3% lower compared to the full year 2014; EBITDA to be down 1% to 4% compared to full year 2014 and capex to be QAR 8.5 to 9.5 billion for full year 2015.

Annual General Meeting and Dividends

  • Q. When is the date of the AGM?

    Our AGM is usually held at the end of the first quarter of the year.

  • Q. In what language is the AGM?

    اللغة العربية

  • Q. How and where can we receive dividend payments?

    Private investors can receive dividend payments  at the end of the AGM, or at any QNB branch.

    International Investors can fill the QNB e-dividend form and receive their dividends automatically after each AGM after approval of dividends percentage by the Board.

  • Q. How and where can we register to attend the AGM?

    Registration takes place an hour before the AGM at the Venue. Shareholders need to present their ID and invitation. Representatives may attend with a proxy form and their ID.



  • Q. Who can attend the Meeting?

    Every shareholder or representatives appointed by the shareholder to attend on his/her behalf.

  • Q. How can I share my voting rights without attending the AGM?

    Through a proxy form or a letter authorizing proxy representation stating the details and ID copy of the appointed.

  • Q. Where does the AGM take place?

    There is not a fixed venue, usually it is announced a month ahead.


  • Q. To whom can I address questions regarding the proxies?

    You can contact the IR team directly through email or phone.

  • Q. In what language is the AGM?


  • Q. How can I get a copy of the Annual Report? And where can I find historical Ooredoo Financial information?

    You can view and download the latest Annual Report and Ooredoo financial reporting from the Investor Relations section of the Ooredoo website.

  • Q. What is Ooredoo’s ticker symbol and which exchange does it trade on?

    Ooredoo’s ticker symbol is “ORDS” and its shares are listed on the Qatar Exchange and the Abu Dhabi Securities Market.

  • Q. How many shares does Ooredoo have listed?


  • Q. What is the record date for receiving dividend?

    Dividends are paid in line with Article 63 of the articles of association.

    “Dividends shall be paid to the Shareholders in the place and on the dates determined by the Board of Directors. The right to receive the dividends approved by the General Assembly either in cash or free shares shall be to the Shareholders registered in the Register of Shareholders at the depository at the end of trading on the day the General Assembly convenes.”

    For the record date, please do see most recent press releases and filings with the Exchanges.

    Usually the dividend payments are based on the closing shareholder register at the end of trading on the day of the AGM. The actual payment takes place the after the AGM.

  • Q. Who should I contact if I do not receive my dividend payments?

    For dividend payments dated from 2011 onwards you should contact QNB. For any dividends paid before 2011, you should contact the Ooredoo IR team.

  • Q. How can we cash our unpaid dividend from previous years?

    By contacting the IR team.

  • Q. What is the percentage given for 2014 (how many QRs per share)?

    40% (4 QR per share)

  • Q. Is it possible to set up automated payment of dividends to a nominated bank account following the AGM declaration of dividend?

    Private investors can fill out an automatic dividend payment form available from QNB to ensure dividends are automatically transferred after the AGM.

  • Q. What is the Registrar for a publicly held company?

    A Registrar for a publicly held company keeps track of shareholder records and information. When shares change hands the Registrar transfers the ownership of the share from the seller's name to the buyer's name. The Registrar reconciles all transfer records and makes sure that the number of shares debited is equal to the number of share credited. 



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