Welcoming Year End Holiday, Indosat Ooredoo Presents Incloud Application for Enjoying Holiday Moments | Ooredoo corporate

Welcoming Year End Holiday, Indosat Ooredoo Presents Incloud Application for Enjoying Holiday Moments

04 February 2016 Indonesia

- Indosat Ooredoo continuously innovating products for customers with applications incloud

- Launched in the holiday season, incloud facilitates customers to store and protect precious moments wherever and whenever

Jakarta, December 18th  2015 – The 2015  year-end holiday have arrived, Indonesian people began to pack to prepare for year-end holidays. Many precious moments are captured with smartphones as well  gadget to record it. As a digital nation, the Indonesian people likes to capture the moment, play music and enjoy digital service during the holidays.

Welcoming the 2015 year-end holidays, Indosat Ooredoo back to present a new innovation in the digital world, namely "incloud", an application to store and manage online a variety of documents such as photos, videos, music, and also other files. With incloud application Indosat Ooredoo customers can play music, watch movies, view photo albums, back up contacts, and share files that are already stored online. There is also an automatic backup feature of any photos or videos taken with the smartphone. It is also in line with the findings of the consumer survey that about 24% of the population want to use online file storage applications. The current global cloud service users is approximately 1.5 billion people, with a predicted growth of 16% in 2016. With incloud provided free by Indosat Ooredoo then customer will be more easy and convenient to manage their files and documents.

Many features in incloud application is very useful for customers at the year-end holiday period, where a variety of leisure activities are captured through photos and videos can be stored, managed and shared online. When customers are traveling and doing outdoor activities including traveling out of the city increases the potential loss of a smartphone so the protection of data loss or telephone contact is needed. Incloud application provides back up files and contacts feature that will be very helpful in making such protection. Incloud can also help customers when buying a new smartphone and want to move contacts or files from their previous smartphone.

"We have promised to customers that Indosat Ooredoo will continue to make innovations that facilitate daily lives of our customers. As a friend for our customers with pride we delivered an innovative application incloud as online file storage applications to provide digital experience for the customer Indosat Ooredoo. This is part of our trip to realizing the company's digital telecommunications services in Indonesia that delivers digital innovation for the community, and to increase the benefits and convenience in supporting the daily activities of customers, especially during the holidays season" said Alexander Rusli, President Director and CEO of Indosat Ooredoo in Jakarta.

To have this incloud application, customers only need to download Indosat Ooredoo incloud through Google Playstore, Apple App Store or using a web browser version incloud.indosatooredoo.com. Then register a new incloud account by using their Indosat Ooredoo  phone numbers as the account name.