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Ooredoo’s Indosat Wins Women Empowerment Award at Global CSR Awards 2015

07 April 2015 Indonesia

Long-standing commitment to empower women recognized at annual awards ceremony in Yogyakarta.

Indosat, member of Ooredoo Group, received international recognition last week for its longstanding commitment and dedicated initiatives to empower women. Indosat was presented with the Women Empowerment Award 2015: Gold of Global CSR Award at the 7th Annual Global CSR Summit & Awards 2015 ceremony, held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Nearly two-thirds of Indonesia's entrepreneurs are female. Indosat's INSPERA initiative focuses on these 'womenpreneurs,' offering functional training through the use of mobile technology, assisting with financial resources and providing guidance on how to become more independent and resourceful.

Alexander Rusli, President Director and Chief Executive Officer of Indosat said, "We are delighted to receive this acclaimed international recognition for our work to empower women in Indonesia. We believe that Indonesia's women should have greater access to ICT facilities and we are passionate about providing support to our nation's womenpreneurs. We believe these targeted services will not only help to enrich their lives but will also help them to achieve their potential as powerful drivers of our country's economic growth."

Dr Nasser Marafih, Group CEO, Ooredoo commented: "Across our markets, we are leveraging the very latest in mobile technology to empower women. In recent years we have introduced a number of innovative initiatives across our footprint specifically designed to enable women to access and use ICT in a way that works for them. These include the series of initiatives operated under Indosat's INSPERA program all with the intention of empowering women and using ICT to improve the quality of their life."

He added: "This award is testament not only to the team's hard work but to the remarkable opportunities these initiatives have created for women and their communities across Indonesia. These programs will be rolled out to include more women and communities later this year."

Reflecting a global priority across the Ooredoo Group, one of the key pillars of Indosat's CSR efforts is to support the empowerment of women. This work is anchored by the INSPERA program. This program comprises several initiatives and its reach continues to grow. These initiatives include "Dompetku", a mobile wallet, micro-finance service designed to give womenpreneurs the financial support they require and the Empowerment of Women Business Group, which supports entrepreneurship in the training cottage industry within Purwokerto.

Sulikanti Agusni, Deputy GMS Economic Affairs Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection said, "This award is greatly deserved and we too appreciate Indosat's long-standing, dedicated efforts to empower our nation's women. Many women in Indonesia, especially those in rural areas and villages, possess great potential but are not given a chance to excel. We are delighted to hear of Indosat's plans to touch more women, offer more services and work with more partners to provide training and greater assistance to women micro-entrepreneurs across the country."

"Our commitment is to continue delivering variety through our key initiatives to assist Indonesian women in improving the quality of their business, personal and family lives," added Alexander Rusli.