Ooredoo Myanmar Continues to empower women by supporting Tech Age Girls to attend phase II of ToT (Training of Trainers) | Ooredoo corporate

Ooredoo Myanmar Continues to empower women by supporting Tech Age Girls to attend phase II of ToT (Training of Trainers)

29 July 2019 Myanmar

Tech Age Girls Alumni of Phase I of the ToT Program to Expand their

Technology Skills in Phase II of the Program


Yangon, Myanmar


Ooredoo Myanmar announced today, that the participants of the Tech Age Girls program will begin Phase II of the ToT (Training of Trainers) on July 29, 2019, at the Myanmar Book Centre, Lanmadaw Township, Yangon.

The Training of Trainers (ToT) supports women to improve their digital skills with technology and leadership training.  Its main objective is for women to pass on the knowledge they gained back to their respective communities. Phase I of the program, started in March 2019, 43 pax trainers and 115 girls were trained at 21 libraries across Myanmar. All the participants of Phase I were able to gain basic leadership skills, ICT skills and presentation and human interaction skills.

For Phase II of the ToT program, Librarians, library staff, alumni of the Tech Age Girls program who completed Phase I are eligible to attend. The participants will get the opportunity to learn a variety of subjects such as graphic design, text and video editing, social media tools, community project planning and needs assessment as well as leadership, innovation and management processes. Once Phase II of the ToT is completed, the Tech Age Girl program plans to hosts a Summit at the end of 2019.

U Tint Naing Htut, Head of Corporate Communications of Ooredoo Myanmar, said, “The Tech Age Girl program’s goal is to empower the young women to catalyze positive changes in their communities by providing them with learning opportunities in leadership and digital skills. Those skillsets will enhance their employability and help them achieve a better future. Ooredoo is proud to fully support the program for 2019. We believe that those girls can become seeds of change in their communities, bringing their peers and communities along with them into Myanmar’s brighter digital future.”

As the official sponsor of the Tech Age Girls (TAG) program, organized by the Myanmar Book Aid and Preservation Foundation (MBAPF), Ooredoo Myanmar provides the funding of all training programs, equipments such as laptops and Ooredoo’s fastest 4G+ connectivity. The Tech Age Girls program focuses on enhancing the tech and leadership skills of young women aged 16-20 to narrow the current digital divide of gender and rural. With this initiative, Ooredoo Myanmar is unlocking the potential of digital technologies and empowering women, two issues in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


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