Ooredoo Group announced Revenue of QAR 5.5 billion for Q1 2022 Pre FX-Net Profit increased by 48% | Ooredoo corporate

Ooredoo Group announced Revenue of QAR 5.5 billion for Q1 2022 Pre FX-Net Profit increased by 48%

27 April 2022 .

Ooredoo Q.P.S.C. (“Ooredoo”) - Ticker: ORDS today announced its financial results for the quarter ended 31 March 2022.

Financial Highlights: 

Due to the merger of Indosat Ooredoo and Hutchinson in Indonesia as of January 4, 2022, the accounting treatment of Ooredoo’s previous largest international operation has been changed. Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (“IOH”) Revenue, EBITDA, customers, and Capex are no longer consolidated, as the operation is now classified as a “joint venture company.” For “a like for like” comparison, we have added a proforma table on the right excluding the Indonesian consolidated results in 2021.

­­ Quarterly Analysis Proforma, excl. Indosat Ooredoo in Q1 2021*
Q1 2022 Q1 2021 % Change Q1 2022 Q1 2021 % Change
Consolidated Revenue (QAR m) 5,545 7,197 -23% 5,545 5,310 4%
EBITDA (QAR m) 2,321 3,213 -28% 2,321 2,288 1%
EBITDA Margin (%) 42% 45% n/a 42% 43% n/a
Net Profit attributable to Ooredoo Shareholders (QAR m) 659 193 241% 659 193 241%
  Net Profit attributable to Ooredoo Shareholders (excl. FX impact) (QAR m) 677 458 48% 677 458 48%
CAPEX (QAR m) 372 850 -56% 372 489 -24%
CAPEX/Revenue (%) 7% 12%   7% 9%  
Free Cash Flow (QAR m) 1,950 2,364 -18% 1,950 1,799 8%
Customers in million (consolidated) 55 118 -53% 55 58 -4%


  • Revenue for the quarter ended 31 March 2022 stood at QAR 5.5 billion, a decrease of 23% compared to the same period last year. Excluding Indosat Ooredoo, revenues increased by 4%.
  • Group EBITDA for the period was QAR 2.3 billion, a decrease of 28%. Excluding Indosat Ooredoo, EBITDA growth rate was 1%.
  • CAPEX for the period was QAR 372 million.
  • Free Cash Flow was QAR 2.0 billion, an increase of 8% excluding Indosat Ooredoo.
  • Net Profit for the period increased by 241% to QR 659 million due to improved operational performances across all the Opcos and fewer forex losses in Myanmar. Excluding FX impact NP increased by 48%
  • Consolidated customer base excluding Indosat Ooredoo stood at 55 million, driven by growth in Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, and Palestine offset by a drop of customer numbers in Myanmar.

Operational highlights:

  • On January 4, the merger between Ooredoo Group and CK Hutchison officially closed, leading to the formation of Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison. Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison – a stronger number two player in the Indonesia market - is now a joint venture, and its revenue and EBITDA contribution is no longer consolidated by Ooredoo Group.
  • On January 6, Ooredoo Group announced the appointments of Mr. Ahmad Al-Neama as Group Regional CEO and Mr. Bilal Kazmi as Group Chief Commercial Officer.
  • On February 2, Ooredoo Group announced the appointment of Khalid Hassan Al-Hamadi as Chief Executive Officer of Ooredoo Maldives.
  • On March 1, Ooredoo Group announced the launch of a dedicated LTE network for the oil and gas industry in collaboration with Ericsson and Nokia.
  • On March 3, Ooredoo was named the ‘Official Global Connectivity Services Provider’ for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.
  • On March 10, Ooredoo Group announced the appointments of Najib Khan as Group Chief Business Services Officer and Eyas Assaf as Deputy Group CFO.
  • NMTC won the first (Jan 2022) and second degree (April 2022 Appeal Court) case about regulatory tariff levied on telecom operators. The claim amount is approx. QR 528 m, the case will still go to cassation court

Commenting on the results, HE Sheikh Faisal Bin Thani Al Thani, Chairman of Ooredoo, said:

“Ooredoo Group delivered a healthy set of results during the first quarter of 2022 with revenues of QAR 5.5 billion. Despite the ongoing geopolitical instability globally, all Ooredoo Operating companies have been growing revenue in local currency terms.

On January 4, we announced the successful completion of the merger between Indosat Ooredoo and 3 Indonesia, resulting in the formation of Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison.

Keeping our customers at the forefront, digital transformation and technology are driving forces behind Ooredoo Group’s quick response to changing market conditions. Additionally, we were selected as the Official Global Connectivity Services Provider for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, which is testament to our strong, innovative, and reliable network services that exceed global standards and best practice.”

Also commenting on the results, Aziz Aluthman Fakhroo, Managing Director and CEO of Ooredoo said:

“Ooredoo Group delivered a strong set of results for the quarter ended 31 March 2022. Excluding Indosat Ooredoo, revenue and EBITDA increased by 4% and 1% respectively. We continue to see successful results from our transformation strategy, as demonstrated by our free cash flow of QAR 2 billion, which excluding Indosat Ooredoo increased by 8%.

Our home market of Qatar delivered strong results with a revenue increase of 6% to QAR 1.9 billion, and a customer base increase of 6% to 3.2 million.

Ooredoo Kuwait reported a 14% increase in revenue to QAR 693 million, supported by an improved EBITDA margin of 29%.

Ooredoo Oman’s EBITDA for the period increased 2% to QAR 321 million.

Ooredoo Algeria and Ooredoo Tunisia both reported top line revenue growth in local currency terms of 5% and 3% respectively.

Asiacell extended its 4G coverage to 100% of its sites, upgraded the network with enhanced Data speed (4G+) and enhanced network resilience by introducing segmented routing in the transport network, resulting in a customer base increase of 10%.

Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison signed several partnerships in the first quarter of the year as it further leverages its position as the number two player in the market, to bring new and innovative products and services to Indonesia.

We look forward to reporting the further growth of the business in due course.”

Operational Review

 Middle East


Ooredoo Qatar

Ooredoo Qatar delivered a strong performance during the period, boosted by Qatar’s increasingly dynamic economy and growing population. Reported revenue grew 6% to QAR 1.9 billion (Q1 2021: 1.8 billion) driven by growth in post-paid services, Ooredoo tv and B2B services. EBITDA grew by 2% to QAR 977 million while EBITDA margin stood at 52%. Service Revenue grew by 7% year-on-year. Total customer numbers were 3.2 million, up 6% year-on-year (Q1 2021: 3.0 million).

All product lines saw stronger returns compared to Q1 2021. Overall mobile customer base increased by 7% year-on-year, while the Ooredoo tv customer base grew by 8%, driven by the popularity of Ooredoo tv’s triple play service and an expanded range of content providers.

Ooredoo Qatar signed an agreement with Qatar Environment and Energy Research Institute (QEERI), part of Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU), to collaborate on the joint development of innovative smart solutions including indoor and outdoor air quality solutions during the period and was announced as the Internet of Things connectivity enabler for Toyota’s new Lexus connected car services in Qatar.

The company continued to invest in sponsorship during the period, hosting the popular Ooredoo Marathon and sponsoring Smart City Expo Doha 2022, the Ooredoo Qatar Major 2022 and the 2022 Camel Racing Festival.

Ooredoo Oman

Oman’s economy showed signs of recovery on the back of increasing oil prices coupled with the Omani government’s incentivisation programme for businesses, resulting in Ooredoo Oman’s growth for the first quarter of 2022

The Company reported revenues of QAR 613 million for the period, primarily driven by an increase in wholesale revenue on the back off its national roaming services agreement with a new market entrant, as well as increased device sales. EBITDA for the period increased 2% to QAR 321 million, supported by a healthy EBITDA margin of 52%

Ooredoo Oman remains committed to its customers by introducing attractive products and offers to the market. As per a recent third-party network benchmarking report, Ooredoo Oman provides the best 4G services versus its competitors in both the ‘Excellent Consistency’ and ‘Core Consistency’ categories. In line with this, the Company was awarded ‘Best Telecommunications Company Oman 2022’ in the Middle East by Annual Global Business Magazine Awards 2022.

Ooredoo Kuwait

Kuwait continued to lift COVID-19 restrictions which positively impacted Ooredoo Kuwait’s revenue and margins for the first quarter of 2022.

The company reported 14% increase in revenue to QAR 693 million for the quarter ended 31 March 2022. EBITDA increased 17%, supporting an improved EBITDA margin of 29%.

The Company remains committed to its customers by introducing new and upgraded products to the market. During Q1, Ooredoo Kuwait launched the revamped ‘My Ooredoo App’ which tailors experiences based on the customer type and has an integrated payment gateway delivering debit and credit card tokenization to help facilitate seamless transactions. The app now has over 1.19 million monthly active users.

Additionally, the Company launched a new digital product, WANNA Marketplace, to deliver a unique and one-of-a-kind lifestyle experience to Gen Z customers in Kuwait. Ooredoo Kuwait was recognised for this commitment to its customers and was named the ‘Fastest 5G Network in Kuwait’ for 2021 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona by an independent research company.

Asiacell – Iraq

Asiacell reported revenue of QAR 883 million during Q1 2022, an increase of 4%, compared to QAR 852 million in Q1 2021, which was primarily driven by data revenue growth and improving economic conditions. EBITDA increased by 1% with a decrease in EBITDA margin of 2% points driven by the increased energy cost.

In line with Asiacell’s commitment to providing best-in-class services, the Company extended its 4G coverage to 100% of its sites, upgraded the network with enhanced Data speed (4G+) and enhanced network resilience by introducing segmented routing in the transport network.

Asiacell’s customer base increased by 10% to 16.1 million in Q1 2022, compared to 14.6 million for the same period in 2021.

North Africa

Ooredoo Algeria

Ooredoo Algeria reported a robust performance for the quarter ended 31 March 2022, driven by its ongoing cost optimisation initiatives. Revenues remained stable at QAR 546 million, up by 5% in local currency terms. EBITDA increased 11% to QAR 208 million.

Customer base increased by 2% to 12.9 million compared to 12.7 million for the same period in 2021.

During the quarter, Ooredoo Algeria upgraded more of its sites to support 4G, further improving customer experience.

Ooredoo Tunisia

Ooredoo Tunisia reported revenue of QAR 380 million, an increase of 3% in local currency terms. The Company reported an EBITDA of QAR 163 million for Q1 2022 in line with the previous year.

As a result of the company’s commitment to expand its digital proposition, Ooredoo Tunisia’s digital channels witnessed a 27% increase in usage, in addition to achieving one million monthly active users on the My Ooredoo App for the quarter.

Ooredoo Tunisia’s customer base increased by 2% and now stands at 7 million.



Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison

The merger between Indosat Ooredoo and 3 Indonesia closed on January 4, resulting in the formation of Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (IOH) - now considered a joint venture, as opposed to a subsidiary. With this, Ooredoo Group only recognises 33% of IOH’s profits as a contribution towards the Group’s net income, and no longer consolidates the Company’s revenue or EBITDA contribution.

IOH reports their Q1 results on April 28, 2022.

Ooredoo Myanmar

Ooredoo Myanmar continued to face challenges during the first quarter of the year. In January, the regulator issued a directive to increase tax on data services from 5% to 15% and a new SIM tax of 20,000Ks (USD 11), resulting in a significant decrease in customer acquisition for the quarter. Additionally, the Myanmar Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) ordered internet services to be shut down in parts of Sagaing region.

Ooredoo Myanmar delivered revenues of QAR 272 million, an increase of 8%, and a 117% growth in EBITDA driven by strong cost savings. In local currency terms, the Company reported a 38% growth in revenue.

Despite the internet shutdown, Ooredoo Myanmar’s digital engagement leads the Company’s overall growth. “Oomanji” was played 87 million times since its launch, and My Ooredoo App contributed significantly towards Ooredoo Myanmar’s revenue.

Ooredoo Myanmar’s customer base stood at 9 million, a drop of 33% mainly due to higher sim card taxes and the impact of the political situation

Ooredoo’s Q1 2022 financial statements will be available on its website, accessible at: http://www.ooredoo.com. 

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