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Ooredoo empowers Myanmar women to become entrepreneurs

02 July 2019 . Myanmar
  • Ooredoo Village Kiosk Program Offers Myanmar Women the Chance to Run their Own Businesses and Contribute Financially to their Families
  • More than 700 village kiosks have been opened and plan to reach 1,000 by the end of 2019 

Ooredoo Myanmar honors Myanmar Women's Day by celebrating the success of its Village Kiosk program. As part of this initiative, Ooredoo selects women with basic education levels and offers them an opportunity to run their own village kiosk business. Ooredoo provides the start-up funding in the form of a fully operational kiosk and thorough business and digital products & services training. This program has been key to empowering women in rural and peri-urban areas through the creation of jobs and training culminating into financial sustainability.

Mr. Alok Verma, Chief Commercial Officer of Ooredoo Myanmar said, “Ooredoo is creating a sustainable partner model with women entrepreneurs in rural areas of Myanmar. This initiative is opening up a world of business & digital experiences and boosting employment and entrepreneurship for women across the country. We believe that they will not only improve them their own lives but also improve the quality of life in their communities through this program.”

Ooredoo has facilitated the opening of more than 700 Village Kiosks and plans on opening up to 1,000 kiosks across Myanmar by the end of 2019. Ooredoo is committed to enriching people’s lives and empowering women in Myanmar.

Through this program, Ooredoo is unlocking the potential of digital technologies and empowering women, two issues that are in line with the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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