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VAC9392 - Senior Expert, Data Science (Technology)

  • Field: Technology
  • Contract type: Full Time - Permanent
  • Location: Qatar - Doha
  • Closing date: 2024-12-31 12:00:00

Job role:

Role Overview

To ensure data science roadmap delivery as per OG commercial roadmap across opcos.

 To support the project by providing end to end technical experts and liaise with all internal and external stakeholders to ensure smooth delivery.

 The role closely collaborates with other members of the group and Opco level stakeholders.

The purpose of Data since role to integral part of our team, supporting the implementation of OG's ambitious data science roadmap.

The ideal candidate will have a strong background in data engineering, particularly in managing the entire data lifecycle. Responsibilities include exploring latest technologies, establishing IT infrastructure, ensuring data quality, and developing technology use cases compatible with Ooredoo's available data.

Core Responsibilities

  • Designing, building, and maintaining scalable data pipelines and IT environments for data storage, processing, and retrieval to support data science activities.

  • Developing and implementing data models and architecture to support Ooredoo data use cases.

  • Support extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) data from various opcos and partners sources into our data warehouses ensuring data quality and integrity throughout the process.

  • Optimizing data pipelines, queries, and processes to improve performance and efficiency.

  • Identifying and resolving data-related issues, providing technical support, and ensuring the reliability and availability of data systems and infrastructure.

  • Collaborating with teams, including data scientists, AI and Opcos stakeholders, to understand data requirements and deliver solutions that meet business needs.

  • Evaluating new technologies and tools and integrating them into existing data infrastructure to enhance capabilities and meet evolving business requirements.

  • Staying updated with the latest developments in data engineering technologies, techniques, and best practices to continuously improve skills and capabilities.

Qualification and Experience

  • Minimum of 10 years' hands-on experience in Data Engineering, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of data management principles.

  • Minimum of 8 years' proven track record in architecting and delivering robust data platforms, showcasing expertise in designing scalable and efficient solutions.

  • Demonstrated deep awareness of evolving data domain technology standards and trends in data transformation, ensuring the ability to adapt and leverage technologies effectively.

  • Extensive experience in developing and implementing end-to-end data pipelines, showcasing proficiency in data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) processes.

  • Strong proficiency with Hadoop or similar Spark platforms, illustrating the ability to effectively utilize distributed computing frameworks for large-scale data processing and analysis.

  • Preferably certified in Agile Methodology and DevOps practices, demonstrating the ability to collaborate effectively within agile.

Core Competencies

  • BSc in computer science, information systems or equivalent field and preferably MBA

  • International experience, preferably in the MENA and SEA regions.

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