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Ooredoo Partners with Ericsson to Facilitate 5G-Enabled 2022 Global Tournament

15 November 2021 . Qatar

Event Network Management Partnership to Enhance Fan Experience

Qatar’s leading telecommunication operator has announced a major partnership with technology giant Ericsson that will see the two entities working together to ensure an unrivalled 5G experience for fans at the major football event in Qatar in 2022.

Leveraging their extensive knowledge and experience, Ooredoo and Ericsson will facilitate state-of-the-art network operation and event management in eight connected stadiums across Qatar, as well as 5G experiences in airports, fan zones and major tourist attractions around the country.

The Progress towards 5G connectivity at the stadiums has been enabled by Ooredoo and Ericsson’s ongoing 5G-focused country-wide network modernisation programme, with the two entities deploying new technology towards the goal of nationwide 5G coverage.

With recent improvements resulting in state-of-the-art network standards, a user experience at a level never before seen can be expected. Thanks to the Ericsson 5G-powered Radio Access network, and both Ooredoo and Ericsson’s previous experience of such large-scale sporting events, fans can expect very high network speeds, exceptionally low latency and much greater data capacity. The immersive fan experience will include high-definition real-time interactivity and streaming opportunities, as well as interactive communication and social networking services.

This fan experience will be made possible by the deployment of Ericsson managed services solutions, which will ensure superior network performance.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulla Al Thani, Deputy Group CEO and CEO of Ooredoo Qatar, said: “Expectations are running high for the major football tournament in Qatar in 2022, making it ever more important for us to leverage the full potential of 5G. As a global pioneer of the fifth generation technology, we aim to deliver seamless experiences to visitors as well as spectators and provide a highly digital, immersive and intelligent Qatar 2022 tournament experience to our subscribers. We are thrilled to partner with Ericsson in demonstrating the best of cellular technology and ensuring a world-class immersive experience at the most anticipated sporting event in the Middle East.”

Fadi Pharaon, President of Ericsson Middle East and Africa said: “After equipping Qatar’s stadiums with the best-in-class Ericsson Radio System, we are thrilled to partner with Ooredoo to bring our sports event management and network operations expertise to Qatar. We look forward to power a fully 5G-enabled football tournament, leveraging the combination of extensive capacity, high speed, and low latency that will enable us to deliver interactive, digital, and immersive sporting experiences to football fans. Through our expertise and experience, we aspire to support our customers around the world to deliver exceptional, high-performance, digital, and immersive fan experiences at major sporting events.”

Football fans in the region will be the first to experience the connectivity benefits of the partnership, as Ooredoo and Ericsson will also work together on the upcoming regional football event being held in Qatar from 30 November to 18 December.


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