Ooredoo Group Takes Centre Stage at GSMA Ministerial Programme, Drives Discussions on 5G Deployment and Policy Frameworks | Ooredoo corporate

Ooredoo Group Takes Centre Stage at GSMA Ministerial Programme, Drives Discussions on 5G Deployment and Policy Frameworks

27 February 2024 Global
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At Mobile World Congress 2024 

Ooredoo Group Takes Centre Stage at GSMA Ministerial Programme, Drives Discussions on 5G Deployment and Policy Frameworks


27 February 2023


Doha, Qatar


Ooredoo Group took centre stage at the GSMA Ministerial Programme in the first two days of Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, actively contributing to discussions on 5G deployment strategies and policy frameworks.

Group MD and CEO, Aziz Aluthman Fakhroo, delivered the opening presentation at an invitation-only roundtable discussion, hosted by Ooredoo and managed by GSMA.

The roundtable – titled ‘Achieving 5G: Creating the Environment for Success, A closer look at the supply-side inputs’ - convened leaders of National Regulatory Authorities, mobile operators and international organisations to discuss the challenges, opportunities and policy and regulatory levers to accelerate 5G deployment and unleash its full potential in the MENA region.

Aziz Aluthman Fakhroo, Group MD and CEO, Ooredoo, said: “Cloud infrastructure, international connectivity, and spectrum availability are the three key supply side inputs that are crucial for successful 5G deployment. Hindered access and increased costs from data localisation can impede development, while addressing international connectivity bottlenecks can drive digital economy growth. Spectrum availability and cost are pivotal for mobile connectivity's viability, impacting performance, efficiency, and sustainability. By addressing these challenges, we can accelerate 5G adoption and maximise its benefits.”

The conversation on the supply-side inputs had started in a panel discussing the ‘Five Years of 5G: Insights for Policymakers’, held as part of the opening of the Ministerial Programme proceedings with Ooredoo’s Deputy Group CEO - Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulla Al Thani – taking part.

Moderated by Ambassador David Gross, Co-chair & Partner at Wiley Rein, the session reflected on the evolution of 5G since its introduction and explored optimal strategies to harness 5G's potential in diverse regional markets. Key questions addressed included policy frameworks for lowering risks and increasing ROI for operators, strategies to differentiate 5G services for consumer adoption, and collaborative models between operators and industries to accelerate deployment.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulla Al Thani, Deputy Group CEO, Ooredoo, said: “Creating an environment for accelerated 5G deployment requires a multifaceted approach. Policymakers play a pivotal role in shaping the regulatory landscape to facilitate innovation and investment. At Ooredoo, we believe three key pillars—spectrum availability and cost, coverage and quality of service obligations, and cloud infrastructure and data flows—are critical for 5G success. Collaborative efforts between industry stakeholders and policymakers are essential to address regulatory challenges and unlock the full potential of 5G for society and the economy.” 

Ooredoo Group remains committed to driving forward discussions and collaborations that shape the future of connectivity, ensuring that innovations like 5G contribute positively to societies and economies worldwide.






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