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Ooredoo to Launch SmartWoman Qatar App

09 March 2015 . Qatar

Qatar’s Leading Communications Company and Qualcomm Wireless Reach Work to Support Women in Qatar through New Dedicated Networking App

Ooredoo and Qualcomm Wireless Reach – an initiative aiming to improve lives with projects that strengthen economic and social development - have today announced that they will launch a new women only mobile platform and app in Qatar, the first of its kind aimed to support and develop solely women with its content.

The announcement was made at the annual Women in Focus month launch party, hosted at the Sheraton Doha Resort and Convention Hotel today by Ooredoo.

During the event, which included speeches from Bothaina Al Ansari, Senior Director, HR, Ooredoo Qatar, Muna Abu Sulayman, co-host of MBC TV's popular social program "Kalam Nawaem", and Dana Alanzi a member of the youth group from Qatar who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise funds for educating children in Gaza, Ooredoo also announced the winners of their recent 'Sheroes' competition.

First prize was awarded to Qatar's Ameera Mohammad Al Mansoori who wrote about her Shero Fatima Mohammad Al Mansoori being the first Qatari to use a wheelchair at Qatar University, second prize to the story of Zeina Ahmadi from Lebanon who lost her husband and three sons during the war with Israel, and third prize was given to Anahi Brown from Argentina who suffered from postnatal depression after giving birth to her first child, but has gone on to support women fighting postnatal depression in Qatar.

The new SmartWoman™ App will provide educational content, social networking and social impact information for women in Qatar and is available exclusively to Ooredoo customers.

The mobile App is being developed to support the advancement of women in Qatar and to allow women to connect with one another, share their knowledge and learn from each other.

Content will include stories and articles from experts in various fields to help women pinpoint what they need to do to improve their business performance, be more efficient and effective in their jobs, and also generate new employment opportunities.

Bothaina Al Ansari, Senior Director, HR, Ooredoo, said: "This app will enable us all to read about women we admire and support each other as we work towards living a more empowered and inspired life. I'm honoured to be a part of, and featured in, this project and look forward to connecting with the women of Qatar on a host of topics, including pledging support directly to NGOs that support women such as the Qualcomm Wireless Reach."

Fatima Sultan Al Kuwari, Director Community & Public Relations, Ooredoo said: "Working with Qualcomm Wireless Reach, we believe that we have created a service that will truly enrich the women of Qatar's lives. Having information on education, business and health will not only improve their careers, but the opportunity to connect with so many women from so many backgrounds and experiences will create a more open and diverse community for all."

The SmartWoman app will be available in English and Arabic on the iTunes and Google Play stores, as well as through a mobile web-app, enabling all of Ooredoo's customer base to access the community, without the need for a smartphone.

The app, which will have a version launched in Oman, was funded by the Qualcomm Wireless Reach to support women. To ensure the app is as accessible as possible, users will pay a subscription fee either monthly or weekly. The subscription can be terminated at any time. To celebrate the launch of the new service, Ooredoo has announced the first two months of service will be free for all users.

Subscribers will be able to choose from a selection of content topics to receive, including featured stories by expert writers in the field of: business, life skills, money management, relationships, career, leadership, health, parenting, and much more. Users can then Like, Share or Comment on an article.

Encouraging interaction and networking, the app also includes an Ask Her/Answer Her feature, as well as polls and surveys.

For more information on the SmartWoman app visit the dedicated website www.SmartWomanQatar.com.

Ooredoo aims to champion women across its footprint as part of the company's commitment to enrich people's lives. Ooredoo has a long history of supporting women's initiatives such as an ongoing strategic partnership to support the annual How Women Work (HWW) Conference, as well as events throughout the year.